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Why did we name our page . . . . Thoughts Create ?

Because every thought anyone has (including you) will . . and . . must create now or later (this or perhaps another life) This is as real as gravity - you know it keeps us on this earth - and gravity is dependable - well so are our thoughts - they must create . . . . .

This is your starting point . . . for you to learn how to have peace within and fuller life now . . . . . . I personally hope you will learn from this WWW site . . . If you are able to have a better life because of this site then would you PLEASE tell others so they may also learn to have a better life . . . . this will not cost you any money, but your rewards will be wonderful . . try it :-)

The above picture was done to show that happens when you project love or hate . . . because your thoughts do create . . . This simple carrot experiment shows everyone has the power to create because their thoughts create. Please notice the two bowls the one on the left was given love and happy thoughts. Those carrot tops grew to a height of over 4 inches. The bowl on the right given hate did not grow, actually it died and the water turned a dark brown. . . . I dare you - try this experiment it will change your life now + forever

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This book, ABC's of Life,is based on the above experiment teaching you how to better understand yourself along with other tools that you can use in your daily life. Therefore it is for people who have an interest in knowing and improving themselves now.

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Our Homestead & Lifestyle To understand where we are and came from here is an outline of the Do It Homestead From 1974 to the present - February 2002. There is also a link from this area to our on-line solar electric course which you will find very helpful if you are planning on living "beyond the electric grid."

Do It's Education Center Professor Charlie Collins, aka Prof Solar, is now offering a simple basic education course on Solar electricity in order for you to decide for yourself what is best for you and how much you need to spend on the best equipment designed by you for you.

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