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Many people are very sick in this society that we live in at this time. There are many people who are very miserable and going to doctors and taking many pills, some to relax themselves and then some to give them energy. Yet the people living in the uncivilized world somehow are very healthy and take no pills! The author has spent many years working with sick people and has traced over 90% of all their dis-ease to a traumatic experience in their life.


Several hundred people visited the author with various illnesses. Some of their physical problems were arthritis, emphysema, ulcers, high blood pressure, etc. In all cases in which studies were made, their sickness started six months to one year after a traumatic experience in their life.

If you are currently suffering from a disease, then why don't you ask yourself two questions:

1. How long have I been sick?

2. What happened in my life six months to two years before I got sick?


You should stop now for at least ten minutes and meditate on these two questions ... really think about your body and when did your problem start. Is it possible that a traumatic experience had anything to do with it?

Now ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can anyone else talk for you?

  • Can anyone else walk for you?

  • Can anyone else eat for you?

Of course the answer to the above is NO. You know someone else can bend your arm, but NO one can think for you! You know that you can be watching a TV program and your mind can be on anything else that you wish it to be. You see this is the one thing that you can do all by yourself! If your thoughts do have the power to create then maybe, just maybe, you actually create your own world!

I want you to do the following experiment. It is a very simple one, but it has quite an effect on everyone who does it. It will demonstrate to you the power of your thoughts.

This carrot experiment simply shows everyone has the power to create because 
their thoughts create. Please notice the two bowls the one on the left was given love and happy thoughts. 
Those carrot tops grew to a height of over 4 inches. The  bowl on the right given hate did not grow, actually it died 
and the water turned a dark brown.

The above picture was done by Fran showing that happens to carrots when you send love or hate - they either flourish or die.


First: Get 6 to 8 raw carrots and cut the tops off; the part that you normally throw away.

Second: Place the tops in two bowls with a little water in each.

Third: Label one bowl with a "-" (negative) and the other bowl "+" (positive).

Fourth: Place them on the windowsill to get sunlight.

Fifth: Daily take each bowl down and talk to those tops separately.

  • The "+" bowl- instruct them to grow beautiful . . . you know that they are beautiful. . and that you want them to be strong and healthy.
  • The "-" bowl-you should instruct them to be ugly ... not to grow ... give them hate ... and give them all the resentments that you have.

Many people feel that they cannot tell a plant to die, but remember that it is just an experiment and that you were going to throw away the tops anyway.

I had a very close friend of mine try this and she did as I instructed, BUT when she put the negative ones back on the window A she thought in her mind that she really didn't mean those bad things she had said! Guess what? Both of the groups grew the same! I then told her that she should try the experiment again and to only give one love and leave the other alone. She was very surprised to see the difference.

In a few days you will notice a difference. WHY??? Because your thoughts do have the power to create! Yes . . . You actually are able to control something with your mind! Now ask yourself, since I controlled something outside my body, what about me? What happens every time I think negative or send out hate? What am I causing to happen to my body?


Some people actually reverse the growth with the carrots, the tops in the negative bowl grow and the positive die. If this happens to you then I suggest that you do the experiment again.

Some people have the experience of both dying. If this happens to you, then you should try the experiment again. Do it until you get it right.


A couple of comments from Charlie

We request that you tell your friends about this experiment as perhaps it will help them cope with their life better now after they realize that they are their Captain of their ship. . .

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